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Parent Advisory Council

The PAC at Abbotsford Virtual School (AVS) meets regularly to discuss what’s happening at our school. The PAC’s role is to act as a voice for parents and to enhance our children’s education by supporting their learning endeavors through field trips, clubs, etc. Every parent who has a child enrolled at AVS is part of the PAC, however, the PAC Executive is made up of volunteers who take an active role in PAC-related activities such as fundraising and events.  The PAC Executive is made up of a PAC President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Executive Committee guide monthly meetings and act as a liaison between the Principal, Teachers and Parents. The committee welcomes ideas, suggestions and comments.

The PAC Executive for the 2018-2019 school year is:

  • President - Kristen Morris
  • Vice-President - Laurel Penner
  • Secretary - Dawna Austin
  • Treasuerer - Bekah Duprey

In addition, the PAC, in collaboration with the Principal, supports ways to promote effective communication between parents and the school planning process. 

Contact our PAC at and connect with us in closed group at Facebook (click here)

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