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Principal's Message

Welcome to the Abbotsford Virtual School

At AVS, we are not a "one size fits all" program. Abbotsford Virtual School offers students from Kindergarten through Grade 12 and Adults educational programs that match individual learning styles and are tailored to meet each person's educational needs. Our comprehensive list of online courses and materials allow our students to choose and design a program that is both flexible in delivery and supportive of their unique learning style.

Our students come from a wide range of experiences and we are happy to create a personalized learning environment for anyone, anywhere, in any situation! We support homeschooling families, elite athletes, gifted learners, adult learners looking to upgrade, families abroad for both work and travel, students will learning disabilities, injured or with an illness that prevents them from attending regular classes and learners from local schools looking to supplement their timetable! It is the ongoing dedication and commitment of our dedicated and caring staff that sets our program apart from other programs of its kind. Even though we are called a 'virtual school', our strong team of expert teachers and staff work with each student and their families to actively support them in developing a personalized educational plan and creating a learning environment that feels far from remote.

At AVS, we specialize in ensuring our students feel connected to their school and their studies through the many forms of communication methods available. We pride ourselves in our approach to building strong interpersonal relationships with our learners, and our commitment to three key areas: Strong student support systems, program integrity and course quality.

This year, the Abbotsford Virtual School will support nearly three thousand learners with diverse learning needs from all over BC, – whether you are five years old or eighty years of age – you too can be successful in achieving your educational goals. We are here for you! Welcome to the Abbotsford Virtual School!

Brad Hutchinson, District Principal