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Completion Dates June 2022

Registration is still open for cross enrolled studentsor adults registering for Grade 10-12 courses. However, all AVS courses must be finished by June 10, 2022 or earlier, if indicated by the course teachers. This is due to the changes in how the Ministry is offering Distributed Learning courses, requiring AVS to be reclassified in the new category as a Provincial On-Line Schools, which means we will have to change the software and format of our online courses, which is scheduled for the summer. Therefore, a deadline of June 10th, or earlier has been set for all AVS programs/courses.The latest date that a student can register to start a course during this current school year isMarch 11, 2022. This is to give students time to complete the course by the June deadline. Another aspect of these changes is that students need to be active(complete 10% or more)in their courses by April 22.(If they have not completed the required 10% of the course by that point, they will be withdrawn.)

Due to the required systems changes and the time that it will take to implement them, AVSwill not be able to offer Summer Session courses this year.

Current until: Saturday, July 16th, 2022
Posted: Friday, February 25th, 2022