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Blog: Thursday, February 6th, 2020

The Fusion Program

The Fusion program at the Abbotsford Virtual School is a blended learning program. Fusion began in the fall of 2018, where we had cohorts of grade 6-8 students and another cohort of Grade 9-10s. The students spend two full days at the Abbotsford Virtual School working in classes on their academic courses, physical education, and ADST curriculum, where they create and make. 

Fusion Middle is a truly unique program. It has built-in flexibility, which allows for self-paced learning through the year and the development of future-ready skills. Students are encouraged to show their learning in a variety of ways and to explore and develop and use technology in new ways to show their understanding. A typical day includes learning and exploring some ‘techie’ things, which have included working in Google Drive, Lego Mindstorms, 3D printing and coding. Additionally, students have PHE, Career Education, Art/Exploratory classes twice a week and have the option to attend a once a week conversational language class in either Spanish or French. In Fusion Middle, we have doubled in size in three years and currently have two full classes. The growth we have seen in these years has been encouraging and inspiring! 

Secondary Fusion now incorporates Grade 9-10s as well as Grade 11-12, where they participate in Socials and Science onsite as well as PE/HCE and ADST. At the grade 11-12 level during ADST, the students are responsible for the AVS Newsletter, which is published once per month as they are learning the principles of design to make the school newsletter a more meaningful communication tool for all our users (parents, students, and teachers). In Fusion 9-10, this past fall, we worked on digital citizenship and content creation using Adobe Spark, Google Slides and hands-on maker with robotics and 3D printing, as well as coding with drones and hovercrafts.

We are excited about the future of blended learning here at AVS and how we can model this type of program in our research space here at AVS.

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