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Blog: Thursday, May 9th, 2019

The History of our School Building, Philip Sheffield School

When we look at the history of our school building, Philip Sheffield High/Elementary School has been home to much educational innovation throughout its history. In opening in 1930 as the Abbotsford Sumas Consolidated High School, it was considered a innovative school with shops classes for boys (wood and metal) and textiles and foods for girls. This is credited to the John Dewey educational influence of schools creating practical and useful career/life programs for students.

The building was re-named in 1936 in honor of Superintendent Philip Sheffield, after his untimely passing in his early 40s, and continued to be the high school of this area until 1955. Interestingly, there is another time period in the mid-1960s in which innovation abounded at PHE with flexible learning, multi-paced approaches were attempted at PSE. I find it remarkable that in 2006 to present, we are engaged in the same kind of work in this building around flexible learning programs for students with a much broader and more encompassing mandate.

When I ponder our school's historical past, I feel that we are part of a 90 year legacy of innovative approaches in education and take great pride in our work to support learners throughout our region and throughout the world. True to our motto: Success is everywhere.


Brad Hutchinson, District Principal

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