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Blog: Thursday, January 23rd, 2020

Purposeful Play: Fostering a Love of Learning

Education is thought to begin when children enter Kindergarten. As they walk through the doors and hallways, they are eager with excitement and wonder about what school has to offer. For many children this is a reality (they have never been to school except to attend Ready, Set, Learn), but for others they have been “students” since birth, as many of them have attended an Early Learning Program being offered by the Abbotsford School District. StrongStart, Parent and Tot Drop in, Learn Laugh and Play and Mother Goose are free programs being offered by the Abbotsford School District to help build a sense of community and belonging. These free drop-in parent participation early education programs are a child and parents first connection to the school setting. The programs are facilitated by an Early Childhood Educator and are immersed in 17 schools across the district.

As parents and their children learn to navigate the school system, their first contact is a play-based program, fostering a love of learning. Our trained StrongStart Educators are making connections, building a sense of community and belonging, and building the foundation for self-regulation, using strategies from the CALM curriculum. These building blocks of education are helping the transition to Kindergarten be a smooth one for children, parents and educators. Schools are welcoming children that have been made comfortable with school life by visiting school libraries, playing in the gym and having stories read to them by administrators. All these early experiences set children up for a success start to their formal schooling. Wondering if there is a program being offered in your school or neighbourhood, check out the early learning website to find out more.

Tyra Lasko
District Helping Teacher, Curriculum