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Blog: Thursday, December 19th, 2019

A Special Time

By Dr. Kevin Godden, Superintendent of Schools

I love the Christmas Season in school districts; it is both an exhausting and a joyous time. Students across the district are locked into their Christmas concerts and/or related festivities, and are generally looking forward to what the season will bring. For the average parent who is unaware, it is often a high-pressure time in schools. Consider the task of orchestrating a concert that gives each child an opportunity to meaningfully participate. Think about the coordination of instruments, rehearsals, costumes, staging and scheduling. And remember, this typically occurs right after teachers are recovering from report cards. Walk into any school the day after the Christmas concert, and you will see the amazing combination of relief, fatigue and accomplishment on the faces of the staff. Every year I try to take in a few of these performances and I am always left with a sense of appreciation for the time and care it takes to celebrate the season.

Of course, there is far more to Christmas than the musical traditions. The more important task is communicating the message of giving and gratefulness. We are reminded that many of our families live through very trying circumstances, encourage our students to be thankful for that which they have, and also to find ways to reach out to those less fortunate. At a number of schools our staff will host a Christmas luncheon for students and families, knowing well that this will be the only Christmas meal that many of them will experience. Our schools are amazing places in general, but especially so during the Christmas season, and I am thankful for so many of our staff because of the work they do to honour the spirit of Christmas for and with our students.

Happy holidays!

By Dr. Kevin Godden
Dr. Kevin Godden
Dr. Kevin Godden

By Dr. Kevin Godden, Superintendent of Schools

Kevin has been the Superintendent of Schools for the Abbotsford School District since July 2011, overseeing some 19,000 students and 2,500 employees. Kevin is committed to student success in all forms and envisions a school district that can nimbly respond to the ever changing needs and interests of its students.