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Elementary & Middle Programs

Online and on-site learning opportunities for K-8 students.

Abbotsford Virtual School offers optional classes for our fully enrolled students to enrich and enhance their learning!  Our classes offer our students opportunities to participate in hands-on learning activities in a group setting.  Students have participated in a wide range of activities appropriate to their grade and developmental level, focusing especially on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) based explorations.      

Onsite Classes:

  • AVS offers one full day of on-site classes on Wednesdays from 8:55 am - 2:00 pm through from second week of September to the second last week of June.
  • Choose from grade groupings (K-2, 3-5, 6-8) - space is limited to a maximum of 20 students
  • Classes include a focus on STEM activities, PE and Fine Arts activities.
  • Learning is enhanced by the opportunity to access technology, both “low tech” and “high tech”, such as iPads, hand tools, Keva blocks, Little Bits and the 3D printer
  • Students have the opportunity to work both within the whole group and in small group settings, as well as individually


AVS is offering the FUSION Program for Middle and Secondary students. FUSION offers a blended learning environment incorporating the benefits of a teacher and classroom structure with the flexibility of online courses. This unique learning approach will provide students with essential tools in an ever-changing world. Open to full-time enrolled Grade 6-10 students, FUSION is a blend of online-based studies with two days a week in a classroom setting. Learn more

Additional learning opportunities:

  • Educational Field Trips (please note that parents are required to accompany their children)
  • School gatherings and group celebrations (e.g. BBQs, Sports Day)
  • Skating Days
  • Individual Tutorial support in specific support areas
  • Access to Educational Resource Allotment (if enrolled by Sept 30th)

Contact one of our K-8 staff for more detailed information.