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Distributed Learning

Abbotsford Virtual school is a Distributed Learning (DL) designated school. Enrollment, as defined by the Ministry of Education in the DL program means:

  • Students are enrolled in a public or independent school distributed learning program where the majority of the learning takes place at a distance. 
  • The DL program is the responsibility of the public or independent school
  • The DL program is directed and supervised by a British Columbia- certified teacher (parents may assist in facilitating the learning process, but are not the teachers)
  • The DL program must meet provincial BC standards as outlined in the School Act or Independent School Act
  • Students must receive on-going regular assessments, report cards, provincial letter grades and a permanent student record, as would a student in a neighbourhood school.
  • All curriculum and resources used for your child's program must be strictly secular (non-religious in nature) as per the School Act.  

We also act as a resource for many Homeschooled children. You can visit the Ministry of Education website for further information on Distributed Learning and the differences with Homeschooling programs. 

Reporting (Report Card)

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