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Don't forget to bookmark your login link and save the email with your link, username and password when you receive it!

Summer session login information will be sent out by email on June 20, 2022. Please check your inbox AND JUNK FOLDER on June 20, and if you have not received you login information by the end of the day on June 20, please contact us.

Please note

  • The login link is now different for some of our courses, as we are migrating them into new software, but the process is not yet complete for all courses.

  • If you have courses already in progress, (courses started in May 2022 or earlier) their login process/link will remain the same. (These are referred to as "Moodle/My Abby Virtual" courses.)

  • Courses started in the summer session (June 20- July 29, 2022) may be a Moodle course OR a Brightspace course, depending on which course that you are taking. It is important that you use the correct login link or your course will not be accessible.

  • All students receive an enrollment email with login information at the start of their course. That email will have the correct link in all cases.  (The curriculum has not changed for any courses, regardless of which version you are taking)


Login Link for Moodle/Myabbyvirtual Courses: (Chem11, Chem12, Foundation of Math 10, FOM11, FOM12, Physics 11, Pre-Calc 11, PREC12}

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Login Link for Brightspace Courses: 

Anatomy and Physiology 12, Career Life Connections 12, Career Life Education 10, English Composition 11, English 12, Life Sciences 11, Physics 12, Science 10, Social Justice 12, Social Studies 10)