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News: Wednesday, May 29th, 2019

Collaborative Robotics at AVS

“How do you program a robot?” was something the Kindergarten to Grade 2 class was recently wondering about. Ideas were swimming in their minds about how a robot can “make a decision” and respond to what you would like it to do. As the Kindergarten to Grade 2 class dove into exploring “code” and understanding how it can make robots work, the Grade 9 – 10 class was busy doing just that – writing code for robots!  

Taking line-reading robots that drive along a path on the ground, the Grade 9 – 10 class was experimenting with writing code that would have the robots react differently when driving over different coloured lines. Responses from the robots could involve things like a picture showing up on their screen or saying the colour out loud, for example. Once programmed, the magic happened.  

The Kindergarten to Grade 2 class, having the knowledge fresh in their minds about how different “codes” (symbols or colours being their repertoire) can produce different responses, they got the chance to work with the line-reading robots that the Grade 9 – 10 class had just finished programming. The kids were given different coloured tape and asked to create a pathway on a large piece of white paper.  

Then, placing one of the robots on their lines, they not only got to watch the robots follow the path that they had created, they also got to see how the programming by the Grade 9 – 10 class made the robots respond differently when following a different-coloured path! Imagine a young class mesmerized, eyes glued on the robot, then enthusiastically creating new strategies to make more complicated paths, checking to see what worked or what didn’t and anticipating how the different robots would respond to the colours. You may call it a project about “coding,” but the result of having the Kindergarten to Grade 2 class collaborate with the Grade 9 – 10 class was pure magic

Written by Birgit Richards (AVS Kindergarten & Gr. 2 Teacher)