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News: Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019

Student of the Month (April) - Angelise Bruns

Our student of the month for April is Angelise Bruns.  She is a grade five student who is in her first year of homeschool and does very well in all her school work.  She loves to read, and just flies through books.  Angelise writes her own stories that are so detailed and interesting that she pulls you right into the middle of the story.  Every week she reads us the next chapter in one of her stories.  She also has a poem called “Our Stories” that will be published by the Poetry Institute of Canada.  Her poem was selected by their editors from thousands of entries across Canada to be published in their annual anthology of verse!  For Social Studies, she wrote a poem about a young girl from a residential school.  The Aboriginal Education principal wants it for their website.  On April 29, she will be attending the Young Author’s Conference at the University of the Fraser Valley.  One student in grade 4/5 from each school gets chosen for this opportunity. Angelise is a very talented artist also.  She loves drawing and is very good at putting together detailed creations.  She is a great asset to our class.  She is friendly, and positive, and tries her best at all she does. Congratulations Angelise well deserved!