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News: Wednesday, April 29th, 2020

Student of the Month (April) - Irelinn Langstroth

Irelinn is in Grade 1 at AVS and is simply wonderful. She joined our school for Term 2 and learned to make Abbotsford Virtual School her home. It wasn't too long before she got to know the students in her class and was able to make new friends. She responds with kindness and gentleness to her fellow classmates and strives to make everyone feel valued. When we were still meeting in person in class, Irelinn led by example in following directions, striving to do her best in classwork assigned, and completing work without needing to be reminded to do so. Similarly, now that we are all working at home at a distance, Irelinn has kept up the good work! She is completing coursework in a regular manner and has even been doing extra projects, like creating a "Wonder Board" at home and doing fun projects such as showcasing her cake decorating skills or completing different art projects. Thanks for all your good work, Irelinn!