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News: Wednesday, November 6th, 2019

Student of the Month (November) - Wesley D.

The student of the month for November is Wesley Darling.  He is a student in grade four.  He has been chosen as student of the month because he has so many good ideas.  Last year, his class designed a simple obstacle course on our new playground equipment.  Wes went home, grabbed a pencil and paper, sat at his window to map out his whole back yard, and then designed an obstacle course that was full of challenging obstacles and a real workout! 

Wesley was also one of the main initiators in the Reptile Guy coming to AVS.  He really enjoys snakes, and most of his reading and writing centres around snakes.  A few other boys in the class became interested in reptiles too, so we HAD to have the reptile guy visit.  It was such a great event!

Wesley is a kind, quiet, observant student who gets along with everyone.  He works hard and is very good at problem-solving and making things.  He really enjoys disc golf, but will play enthusiastically and successfully at any sport or game presented to him.