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Exciting New Online Courses

New for 2018-2019

Check out:​

  • Digital Photography 11 and 12
  • Forensic Science 11
  • Marketing 11 and 12
  • Psychology 11 and 12
  • Textiles 12
  • Tourism 12
  • Veterinary Science 11

Coming in 2018-2019 (some start in Semester 2):

  • Criminology 11
  • Entrepreneurship 12
  • French 10, 11, 12
  • Marine Science 11
  • Spanish 11 Intro, Spanish 10, Spanish 11 (Spanish is back!!)


Here's what people are saying about the Psychology courses:

"I love how Psychology 12 is laid out the same way as 11. It feels very familiar to me and I love it greatly. I found the text questions this time around to be more challenging which I really liked, I feel overall what I got in the course, is very real. The content in this course has a lot more to it, I loved learning every bit of it. The TED-Talks were so interesting and intreging and I hope you include more in the future. I was hesitant about the personality tests at first but I did enjoy them in the end."

" I found it to be so fun learning about us humans. I will, in all honesty, miss this course. I've loved every minute .... "