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4 credits

Re-emphasizes the more mature development of reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. There is also a more sophisticated approach to the study of literature. Students will write a provincial exam in January or June.

  • Literature: Novels, plays, essays, poems, and short stories are studied for the following reasons:
  1. Students learn to appreciate literature as a means to understanding themselves and society. Students identify and discuss values, attitudes, behavior, and the human condition in general.
  2. Students study a variety of literary forms from different times, places, and authors so that they may gain an appreciation for the scope of the literary heritage that is theirs.
  3. Students develop skills in analysis, criticism and evaluation by exploring theme, point of view, and character development.
  4. Encouragement is given to read for enjoyment and for information.
  • Composition: The emphasis is on the writing process. Students are also challenged to progress toward more sophisticated writing styles. A major research essay is a requirement of the course.
English 11.