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4 credits

Spanish 11 focuses on four areas of study: speaking (oral), listening (aural), reading, and writing. The purpose of this course is to continue building on the solid foundation of Spanish you have acquired in Spanish 10. Spanish 10 is the standard prerequisite for Spanish 11. Strong students may use Spanish 11 Intro as a prerequisite in some cases, with instructor approval, though Spanish 10 is strongly recommended as the prerequisite for Spanish 11. By the end of this course, you will be able to participate in a conversation with greater confidence, being able to acquire information through a wide range of strategies more consistently. Oral and written work will enable you to respond in increasingly more sophisticated ways, through comparative work, poetry, providing instructions, recounting events, reflections, and summaries. Spanish 11 also takes an in-depth look at similarities and differences amongst the Hispanic culture, which leads to observations of contemporary issues. Please note that the correct path for a beginner to complete our Spanish courses is: 1. Spanish 11 Intro (this is equivalent to Spanish 9) 2. Spanish 10 3. Spanish 11

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