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Register on February 7, 2022 for a September 2022 start

Fully Enrolled Grade 1-12 Program info

Current School Year

All programs for Grades K-8 are full for the CURRENT school year. 

Registration for Grade 9-12 is still open for the current school year. Counsellor Approval is required for mid year transfers. Click here to register Note: Select the "Fully Enrolled K-12" option at the bottom of the first page. At the course selection portion please select "Secondary Program" and your course plan will be finalized when you are contacted by our counsellor.

September 2022 REGISTRATION INFO- Grade 1-12 Fully Enrolled Program 

-Registration for next year's fully enrolled AVS programs opens on February 7, 2022. Please come back to this page on February 7th to access the registration link. 

-It is not possible for students in grades K-9 to cross enroll between AVS and another school, OR to hold a spot at a student’s regular school while enrolled with AVS. Grade K-9 students must be fully enrolled with AVS. 

-Please do not apply if you are looking for a short-term enrollment for a student who is intending to return to their current school mid-year. We do not have the staffing to absorb students from other schools looking for a temporary alternative to onsite attendance, and spots will not be held for students at their previous school once they are accepted at AVS.

-Parents of students with serious health concerns are encouraged to contact their current principal or the school board office for recommendations.

Need More Info About Our Fully Enrolled Programs?

Program information HBL Grades K-8 

Program Information Fusion Grade 6-12 

Program Information Distance/Offsite Grade K-12 


Kindergarten Registration for September 2022

Kindergarten Registration opens on January 31, 2022. Please check back on that date to complete the registration form. 


Grade 10-12 Online Secondary Course Registration for Cross-Enrolled or Adult Students

Students in grades 10-12 who wish to cross enroll at AVS while attending another school, and upgrading adults can register now for Grade 10-12 online courses. Click here to register Please select "Cross Enrolled Gr. 10-12"  or "Graduated Students and Non Grad Adults" program at the end of the first page.

Students in Grade 9 or lower are not able to cross enroll with AVS, and can only register as fully enrolled students.