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Registration Forms for full time programs Fusion and Home Based Learning

Grades K-12

Which catagory applies to you?

Grades 6-8:

1. Are you a student who currently attends AVS who is registering for the following school year as a grade 6-8 student in either the Fusion or Home Based Learning Program? Please fill out package A. 

2. Are you a new student to AVS who is registering as a grade 6-8 student in either the Fusion or Home Based Learning Progrm? Please fiil out package B.

Grade 1-5 or grade 9-12

3. Are you a student who currently attends AVS and is registering for the following school year, for Grade 1-5, or 9-12 Home Based Learning or Grades 9-10 Fusion? Please fill out package C.

4. Are you a new student to AVS who is registering for the Home Based Learning Program for grades 1-5 or grades 9-12 or for the Fusion Grade 9-10 ProgramPlease fill out package D.

Please note that all new students in all programs in grades 6 or higher will also be asked to complete an online registration form at Online Registration This allows us to create or update your online student account so that you can access your online courses.This step is not required for Gr. K-5 full tme students.

Part-Time or cross enrolled high school students or adult students DO NOT need to submit any of these paper based packages. They ONLY need to complete the online form at Online Course Registration.