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Program Inquiries

K-12 Fully Enrolled

Due to an overwhelming number of inquiries we are unable to respond to individual questions at this time. Please read the information on the cover sheet of the registration form at

There will be a delay in response to the contact form. It is recommended that you review the registration information and register asap to increase the likelyhood or space being availalbe for fully enrolled distance programs. 

Sept 8 2020 update:

We are working to process an overwhelming number of registrations and inquiries, and to determine if space is available at different levels and programs.

If you registered for a fully enrolled AVS program, grades K-12, before June 30, 2020, your registration is very likely accepted. (*you would be contacted by AVS if this was not the case or their were any issues)

If you registered for a fully enrolled AVS program after July 1, 2020, or if you registered as part of the district transition plan, we are working to determine staffing availability and the number of students we can support, and some factors are still undetermined. We apologise for the delay. Students are currently being contacted as space is confirmed on an individual basis.

If you are inquiring about program availability, we are unable to respond to individual inquires at this time due to hundreds of new registrations being submitted and thousands of inquires. Please submit a registration package if you would like to be waitlisted for an AVS fully enrolled K-12 Program. Acceptance is not guaranteed but submitting the package may result in more staff being assigned to AVS, making it more likely that space will be available. You will be contacted once we determine if space is available. You should contact your catchment school and tell them you have registered at AVS and if you intend to be a continuing student, if accepted, or if you registered at AVS as part of the transition plan. 

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