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Exciting New Online Courses

New for 2020-2021

Check out:​

  • 20th Century World History 12
  • Active Living 11 and 12
  • BC First Peoples 12
  • Business Computer Applications 12 (Semester 2)
  • Criminology 12
  • Cybersecurity 11 (Palo Alto Certification Program)
  • Cybersecurity 12 (Palo Alto Certification Program)
  • Entrepreneurship 12
  • Fitness and Conditioning 11 and 12
  • Forensic Science 11
  • French 10, 11 and 12
  • Marine Science 11
  • Marketing and Promotion 11
  • Media Design 11 (Semester2)
  • Media Design 12 (Semester 2)
  • Palo Alto Digital Applications 11 (Cyber Literacy)
  • Photography 11 and 12
  • Psychology 11 and 12
  • Spanish Introductory 11 (for beginners), Spanish 10 and Spanish 11
  • Textiles 12
  • Tourism 12
  • Veterinary Science 11​

And coming soon: Philosophy 12, World Religions 12!

Here's what people are saying about the Psychology courses:

"I love how Psychology 12 is laid out the same way as 11. It feels very familiar to me and I love it greatly. I found the text questions this time around to be more challenging which I really liked, I feel overall what I got in the course, is very real. The content in this course has a lot more to it, I loved learning every bit of it. The TED-Talks were so interesting and intreging and I hope you include more in the future. I was hesitant about the personality tests at first but I did enjoy them in the end."

" I found it to be so fun learning about us humans. I will, in all honesty, miss this course. I've loved every minute .... "


And about Vet Science 11:

This was such a unique course that allowed me to gain extremely valuable insight on the basics of veterinary sciences and taught me fundamental knowledge on the introduction to animal biology. This course has definitely inspired me to continue with the study of veterinary sciences, and even encouraged me to look into programs related to it for post-secondary considerations. I now am much more comfortable handling small animals due to the variety of information that was presented to me which I could practice and directly apply in the labs. The Anatomy & Physiology unit was my favourite as I am very interested in this area of veterinary science, and it allowed me to explore bones and muscles and some systems of the body and how they all work together to maintain well-being in an animal’s body. The information project really let me dig deeper into diseases concerning the nervous system which I was very curious about, and I gained valuable knowledge in doing so. The only thing that I would suggest to enrich this course even more would be to incorporate anatomy & physiology of large animals, as well as diseases and other information. Even though this course was an introduction to veterinary science, it would be great to have learned about a larger variety of animals. However, I was exposed to so much pertinent information and now have a much better understanding of this course, and am super excited to continue building on this foundation!"