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Counsellor and English 10/11 Teacher

Phone: 604.859.9803 ext 127

Harry has been at Abbotsford Virtual School since it opened at Philip Sheffield in 2006.  Before that he had taught English and photography at Abbotsford Senior for 15 years, and before that he had taught in Calexico, California (go Bulldogs!) for six years.  Harry prefers the expression “experienced” to “old.”  Harry completed his Master of Education in the field of counseling in 2010.  Besides administering the paper-based English and career-preparation courses, a good part of his role at AVS is academic and career counseling. He finds satisfaction in helping students and families reach their academic goals. In his spare time, Harry spends time on the Vedder River and would like to remind people that this activity is commonly called “fishing,” not “catching.”