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Summer Session 2022

Summer Session is now COMPLETE

AVS Summer Session- June 20- July 29, 2022

Attn Fully Enrolled AVS Students: If you are a current AVS FULLY ENROLLED K-12 student (In Fusion, HBL or the Distance Program) who has already submitted a Fully Enrolled registration for September 2022 at AVS, you do NOT need to complete a registration forn to take a summer session course. Please email avscounsellor [at] with your first and last name, and the name of the course that you are requesting for summer session. 

Summer Session will be running from June 20 - July 29, 2022.

Please note: Student who made considerable progress* during summer session and who regularly handed in assignments in their summer course will remain in the course with the option to continue working on it iafter September 6, 2022 and into the school year, in most cases. *What qualifies as significant progress in both percentage complete and what type of completed content is required to meet this criteria, is determined entirely at the discretions of the course teacher and will vary from course to course. There are no teachers available from July 30, 2022- September 6, 2022. 

Summer Course List

English 10 Composition (2 credit) (Must take EN10 New Media also for a completed course credit)
English 10 New Media (2 credit) (Must take EN10 Composition also for a completed course credit)
English Language Arts 11
English Studies 12
Science 10
Foundations and Precalculus Math 10
Foundations of Math 11
Foundations of Math 12
Precalculus 11
Precalculus 12
Chemistry 11
Chemistry 12
Life Sciences 11
Anatomy and Physiology 12
Physics 11
Physics 12
Social Studies 10
Career Life Education 10
Career Life Connections 12
Law 12
Social Justice 12