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Abby Senior took the stage for the Bi-Annual Fine Arts Night

June 20, 2023

On May 25, Abbotsford Senior students took to the stage for their Bi-Annual Fine Arts Night. It’s a night dedicated to celebrating Arts Education at Abbotsford Senior - a night of music, performance, and art – a night to celebrate accomplishments, to thrive and flourish. 

As proud family, friends and enthusiastic performers entered Abby Senior’s rotunda, they were welcomed by live artists constructing their newest masterpieces in real-time, for onlookers to watch and marvel. Past the artists, a gallery of paintings, ceramics, photography, digital media and other artistic creations furnished the hall, as the jazz band provided the perfect accompaniment for artistic browsing. Quickly, the tone shifted as the dance class took to the stage with an energetic student-choreographed hip-hop dance filled with fun choreography and dazzling smiles by performers and audience members alike. Later, the harmonious sounds of Abby Senior’s choir and the thundering beats of the drumline filled the space. Soon, the actors entered the stage with a play, bringing excitement and laughter. Finally, to cap the night off, Abby’s talented concert band concluded the show, allowing guests to take one more look at the artistic works of the gallery. 

The talent, integrity, and bravery of Abby’s young artists is nothing short of amazing. This night is a reminder of why Arts Education is so integral for many students. Arts Education is an opportunity to thrive, flourish, and express oneself. It is a celebration of individual strengths and abilities and, for some, an opportunity to try new endeavours.

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