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Blog: Thursday, April 7th, 2022

March Students of the Month

Every month here at AVS we have a student of the month. This month we have two students for the month of March as they have both shown noteworthy achievements, behaviors, and general excellence.

Zeda Ellis is a grade 12 student, who is dedicated to her work and loves to learn about science, and has a great outlook on learning.  Zeda has been one of our Fusion students since she was in Grade 7 so very committed to being here at AVS.  Since September Zeda has done excellent work in classes. She has set new goals this term and is rocking it!  Zeda also has a passion for learning about her culture and heritage, she is from the Secwepemc-Neskonlith Nation, in the interior of BC. She has asked for books, to learn more and has taken initiative to learn the language Secwepemc as well. Way to go Zeda we are cheering you on!

Cayleb Poirier is also a grade 12 student. Cayleb has also set goals this year and has been continuing to compete them one by one. Cayleb's work ethic has improved so much since September, he is taking responsibility for work and it shows! Cayleb is also on the journey of discovering his Metis roots, he has developed a sense of cultural identity and is learning to connect with his ancestry in a meaningful way.  Another longstanding student in our Fusion Program and an active participant in being part of our AVS community. 

These students are respectful to teachers and peers and are conscientious, and hard-working. It continues to be a pleasure to work with Zeda and Cayleb this year and we are looking forward to seeing what each student brings these coming months.