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News: Saturday, October 2nd, 2021

Meet our PAC

Laurel Penner (right side of the picture) is the PAC president for AVS. She has been involved with AVS for many years and is in her 13th year of having her children attend AVS. Dawna Austin is the vice-president for AVS PAC and has been doing a fantastic job for the past couple of years. She is an AVS veteran, having more than 20 years of having her kids as students here. 

They will be hosting monthly PAC meetings at the school, to discuss what's going on and new and different ideas for learning options; such as field trips in or out of the school, or resources etc. All are welcome to attend and further info as to dates/times will be posted on the site. The meetings are typically held Wednesday mornings at 9:15 am in the portable, just after student drop-off.

If you have any questions/comments/ideas for the PAC for this year, please leave a comment via email: abbyvirtualpac [at] or on our Facebook page HERE.