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AVS Staff Champion!

How do you get ahead in this fast-paced, high-tech world? Why you use creativity, humour, and know-how to make a head with a 3D printer at Abbotsford Virtual School. Meet Mr. Amendt, the brains behind the new Makerspace program at AVS. He has created an environment where students are able to connect with different ideas, collaborate with each other, and create personally meaningful products through the use of technology such as littleBits, virtual reality, Lego robotics and 3D printing.

For example, through 3D printing, Mr. Amendt has challenged students to observe their surroundings and find something they could make that would meet a need in their home or school. Students came up with creations such as a headphone holder, personally designed stencil makers, and a stand to perfectly fit a card collection.

Mr. Amendt also has all of his students and every staff member create a puzzle piece with their name and a personally symbolic 3D image on it. With each new student, the AVS puzzle grows and shows how we are all unique and connected. It’s a great metaphor for how Mr. Amendt creates opportunities for students to see how their hard work pays off and makes them a “perfect fit” at AVS.

In the ViP room, the room of Virtual Possibilities, students are able to immerse themselves in learning through the use of a virtual reality system. Using this technology, students can visit anywhere in the world they have ever wanted to go. They can travel inside the human body to watch white blood cells fight off a virus or they can get up close and personal to see how huge the sun is.

Mr. Amendt has brought the world to his students’ fingertips and provided them the space to explore and grow at their own pace. Through his expertise, students have raved about having memorable experiences they never dreamed of and feeling proud of their ability to make something important and meaningful in the real world.  He is exemplary in his knowledge of the latest cutting-edge technology, but at the heart of the program’s success is Mr. Amendt’s passion and dedication to providing the best educational opportunities for his students.

As Abbotsford Virtual School unveils Fusion, a blended-learning program for middle school students, for September 2017, Mr. Amendt’s talents and technical skills will be a key component going forward.  He makes a difference every day in the classes he teaches and is a role model to both students and staff. We are so proud to have Mr. Amendt on board at Abbotsford Virtual School; he is ahead of the curve, and we are excited to see what interesting and innovative ideas will be springing forth from his creative mind in the future.