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Identification and Proof of Address Documents

Please have ready before registering online

Student Identification and Proof of Student's BC Address

Submit ONE document for STUDENT ID and a 2nd document for proof of student's BC residency

*If the student has a valid BCDL with current address it can be used as both ID and proof of residency

All forms of ID must be valid and up to date
Name, address, (recent) date and the type of document must be visible/readable

Documents that can be accepted as identification for the student:

  • Student Birth Certificate or
  • Student Passport

You MUST submit a second document from the list below as proof of (BC) residency.

  • This can be in a parent or guardian’s name for school aged students.
  • Name, address, (recent) date and the type of document must be visible/readable.
  • You can cover other personal information if desired.
  • Cell phone bills are NOT accepted.

Documents that can be accepted as proof of residency in BC:

  • BC Hydro Bill
  • Fortis Bill
  • Lease or rental Agreement
  • Property tax notice
  • Bank or Credit Card Statement
  • Driver's License 

File Attachments: