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Fully enrolled/Full time AVS students and programs: *Fully Enrolled- A student who is in Grade Kindergarten-12 who attends AVS as their main school in either the Fusion, HBL or Distance program, with a full course load. The main factors that define a student as fully enrolled are that the student is not, and/or will not be attending another school while attending AVS and that they are 18 or younger. Both onsite and offsite programs can be considered fully enrolled. *Grade K-9 must be fully enrolled to be eligible to attend AVS.

Cross Enrolled: A student in grade 10-12 at another school who is taking an additonal online course or courses at AVS at the same time. 

Adult student: A student over 19 years of age, who is graduated or non-graduated, taking a grade 10-12 online course or courses, either to upgrade for University, or to work towards an adult graduation diploma. 

General Information:

There are no fees for AVS programs or courses, with the exceptions of International and Adult students taking elective courses or courses that are not part of a graduation plan. (Most courses are free for both graduated and non graduated adults)

You can register for any program that AVS offers using our online registration form. AVS has programs for cross-enrolled & fully enrolled* school aged students, as well as non-graduated & graduated adult students. This link will allow you to register for any AVS program, but please read the specific registration information (re registration dates etc) for the program and year you are applying for before proceeding. 


Grade 9-12 students who currently attend AVS in a FULLY -ENROLLED* program can request additional courses for the current school year, by emailing the counsellor @ corinna.nairn@abbyschools.ca during the regular school year. These students should not fill out additional registrations for the purpose of requesting additional courses. Registration is only required for fully enrolled student when they first register at AVS, and then once yearly to confirm their return for the next school year. 

Please contact the office at 604-859-9803 if you are unsure which category applies to you and with general "how to" registration questions.