Secondary & Adult

Meet your educational goal!

We provide free courses to secondary students in our District as well as any BC resident wishing to meet their graduation requirements. We also offer both free and tuition-based courses for adult learners wishing to upgrade. 

Secondary Students

If you are a grade 10, 11 or 12 student attending a school in BC, you can also take courses with Abbotsford Virtual School. You keep going to your regular high school and enroll in AVS courses to help you get ahead, get caught up or fit your timetable schedule.
Grade 9 students can enroll for our full-time program throughout most of the year. Cross-enrollment is not allowed for students in Grade 9 or under.  Check out our list of available online courses. Please contact us to speak with our Advisor/Counsellor for more information. 

Adult Learners

Our staff will help you work towards achieving the grades you want with our personalized learning environment and flexible delivery approach.

Non-graduated Adult Students
You can select Grade 10-12 courses for FREE with Abbotsford Virtual School in order to complete your graduation requirements. For our staff to help you work towards an adult graduation please contact us at (604) 859-9803 to speak with our counsellor or register online today

Graduated Adult Students
Adult Students (over the age of 18) wishing to upgrade are encouraged to register for a variety of tuition-based online courses offered by Abbotsford Virtual School. Or choose from our wide selection of tuition-based online courses or learn more about the fee structure

Summer Session 2023 

AVS will be running summer session in 2023 from 19 June 2023 - 28 July 2023. Registration opens 11 Apr 2023.

Summer Course List

  • BC First Peoples 12
  • English 10 Composition (2 credit) (Must take EN10 New Media also for a completed course credit)
  • English 10 New Media (2 credit) (Must take EN10 Composition also for a completed course credit)
  • English First Peoples 12
  • English Language Arts 11
  • English Studies 12
  • Science 10
  • Foundations and Precalculus Math 10
  • Foundations of Math 11
  • Foundations of Math 12
  • Precalculus 11
  • Precalculus 12
  • Chemistry 11
  • Chemistry 12
  • Life Sciences 11
  • Anatomy and Physiology 12
  • Physics 11
  • Physics 12
  • Social Studies 10
  • Career Life Education 10
  • Career Life Connections 12
  • Law 12
  • Social Justice 12