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"Every child is so individual in their learning style and every child has their moment, whether they are considered a late bloomer or an early starter.'"

"With education at home and the help of AVS, I was able to honour each of my children for their individuality, and help them to not only effectively learn the material, but also witness them gain a

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Going to class at AVS is great! There is so much cool stuff to try, like 3D printing, the littleBits™ magnetic circuits and the virtual reality software

Daniel’s favorite subject is science. He is really excited about going to the Fish Hatchery with his AVS class to learn about pond water ecosystems.

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My favorite teachers at AVS are the ones that are there to support me, which is all of them!

Isabelle is hoping to get her black belt this year. She travels extensively to compete in Judo competitions and the past year alone has been to Montreal, Saskatchewan and Germany!

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The teachers and administration at AVS were particularly supportive of my self-driven nature to go beyond the course content. They were committed to providing me with the best education possible.

The personalized learning program available at AVS can have powerful, positive effects on student engagement and motivation.

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